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The Intensive Support Programme. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Between August 2012 and February 2014 I was lead for this programme – working across the Trust to put a therapeutic (psychological) approach across the acute care pathway.      Description of this service.

From June 2004 until July 2012 I was employed as a consultant clinical psychologist and lead for psychological therapies at Woodhaven Acute Inpatient Unit (Adult Mental Health). This is an innovative, new build hospital that serves the New Forest and West Southampton. With various colleagues, we have been developing and evaluating an approach to delivering therapy within the inpatient environment, that fits within the “third wave” CBT paradigm. Working to harness the enthusiasm and enhance the skills of other professionals (particularly nursing staff) is integral to our approach. Increasingly we have offered these interventions across the acute care pathway, working in collaboration with the Crisis Intervention and Home Treatment Service.

Our latest initiative, ongoing, is to extend the model to create a formulation informed day service in order to support bed reduction locally.

Our aims are:

  1. To enable the individual to make sense of their crisis and so take responsibility for restoring and maintaining good mental wellbeing (in line with Recovery)
  2. To facilitate staff psychological and empathic understanding in order to inform effective therapeutic engagement and intervention.
  3. To enhance staff knowledge and confidence in psychologically based therapeutic interventions, and to support and develop practice in these.
  4. By all these means, to enhance the therapeutic milieu, staff morale and the patient experience.



Workshop: CBT for inpatient and crisis settings — maybe useful for your service?

A newly developed CBT approach to enable the individual to make sense of crisis, and enhance the milieu.
Isabel Clarke and Dr. Hannah Wilson/Dr. Donna Rutherford.

This highly interactive day workshop brings to life the approach to inpatient and crisis work featured in our book: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Acute Inpatient Mental Health Units; working with clients, staff and the milieu. We delivered it as part of the Pre Conference Workshop programme at the Edinburgh BABCP Conference in 2008.
We have been invited to repeat it at different venues.

We are more than happy to adapt the format for the staff group and individual needs of your service.
Do contact me, Isabel Clarke, via the link on this website if you are interested.

CBT for inpatient and crisis settings

36th BABCP Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh 16th-19th July 2008: Pre-Conference Workshop (16th July).
CBT for inpatient and crisis settings; a newly developed CBT approach to enable the individual to make sense of crisis, and enhance the milieu.
Isabel Clarke and Dr. Hannah Wilson.


Designing a CBT Service for an Acute In-patient Setting

A pilot evaluation of this project is described in Durrant, C., Clarke, I., Tolland, A. & Wilson, H. (2007) Designing a CBT Service for an Acute In-patient Setting: A pilot evaluation study, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy 14, 117-125

See: Full text, Powerpoint of Barcelona presentation

CBT for inpatient units

The Woodhaven Psychological Therapies Service approach to CBT for inpatient units. Poster presented at a number of venues, including BABCP conference in Warwick, 2006, and the Division of Clinical Psychology of the BPS December conference, 2006.

Power point version of posters

Creating a Therapeutic Milieu in an Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Setting

Conference presentation by Drs. Vivia Cowdrill and Laura Dannahy. Department of Psychiatry. Royal South Hants Hospital. Southampton


Mindfulness in acute inpatient settings

Conference presentation by Dr. Susan Gledhill. Gershwin Unit, Epsom Hospital.


Training Ward Staff in Psychological Approaches to Challenging Behaviours

Conference presentation by Dr. Hannah Wilson AMH Woodhaven. Calmore. Totton. Hampshire.