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Acute Adult Mental Health Care Conference
How can Psychological Practitioners Help?

9th May 2017.   Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford Street SE1 9HH
Along with:Russell Razzaque; Dave Harper; Rumina Taylor; John Adlam; Julie Fraser; Lisa Wood; Claire Williams.

Contributed paper to the PCMH Symposium at DCP Conference 2017, Liverpool.

Symposium presented at the DCP 50th Anniversary Annual Conference,
2-4th December 2015

 Psychologically Informed Acute Care: the Emotion Focused Formulation Approach (EFFA).
 The need for a more psychological approach throughout Acute Care is well attested.  EFFA is designed to meet this need through providing a whole service approach encompassing both individual, collaborative, formulation and group work designed to teach skills.  The groups are designed for delivery by the wider staff group, thus distributing psychological mindedness and a psychological orientation to treatment throughout the multi disciplinary team. Originally piloted in one centre (Durrant et al 2007), the Emotion Focused Formulation approach is now being applied in acute care across the UK. This symposium will report evaluation results, impact  and progress from three centres: Hampshire, Sheffield and Surrey and Borders .

Investigating the efficacy of a whole team, psychologically informed,
acute mental health service approach. David Araci.  Hampshire.
Changing the Narrative with people who present in crisis across the acute and rehabilitation care pathway.
 Linda Wilkinson, Kate Oldfield. Sheffield
Enhancing Recovery: Service-User Experiences of Emotion-Focused Formulation in Acute Care Services
Dr Anna Preston and Miss Mahalia Torgbor. Surrey Borders
The perspective of the service user: Accounts of taking part in the Intensive Support Programme (ISP) at an acute in-patient facility. Jane Birrell and Donna Rutherford.

Powerpoint of my workshop presented at the ISPS UK Residential Conference
The University of Exeter, September 7th & 8th 2016 on
 Therapeutic Relationships:

Meeting the challenge of extending the good therapeutic relationship with the individual practitioner to the whole team.

XX Annual Course of Schizophrenia.
Madrid 26th – 28th November 2015


J. Strauss, L. Davidson, P. Lysaker (USA),
I. Clarke (United Kingdom), R. Mezzina (Italy),
M. Hernández Monsalve, G. Lahera (Madrid),
JM. Blanqué, M. Montoro (Barcelona), G. Roldán (Granada),
L. Tost, C. Hdez A. de Sotomayor (Tenerife),
y M. González de Chávez (Madrid)

For the full programme see:
Links to my presentations:
Presentation 1:
Bringing psychosis in from the cold. Seeing anomalous experiencing in the wider context of  human cognition .

Presentation 2:
 “What is real and what is not”. A therapeutic approach to psychosis that takes experience seriously and undermines stigma.

UK Spiritual Crisis Network – 2nd International Conference
May 13 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Global collaboration towards a more humanistic understanding of mental health and anomalous experiences

SCN leaflet p.1 and  SCN leaflet p.2

Presentations etc.
Things Unseen Podcast.
Shamans and Sacraments: the meaning of rituals

This discussion can be viewed on:
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
A shaman undergoing a ritual burial and a Catholic attending mass seem poles apart –
yet both rituals answer similar needs
The presenter for the programme is Jane Little. Contributors are a Catholic writer, Peter D Williams and Shamanic Practitioner, Nick Shaman, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Isabel Clarke. Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SCN National UK conference 
Evolving a New Paradigm: The Spirituality and Mental Health Breakthrough

10am – 5pm, 12th June 2015
Mundesley Hospital, Gimingham, North Norfolk, UK
 Emma Bragdon
Russell Razzaque
Catherine Lucas
Mick Collins
Charlie Heriot-Maitland
(and me)
 SCN talk – Managing the Threshold
7 October @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Myself and Daniel Hadjiandreou.
Kingsley Hall Community Centre ( in Bromley-by-Bow.

The Spiritual Crisis Network presents:
Release the potential within spiritual crisis
Honouring the Journey and Creating a Sharing, Caring, Containing Community.
8th October. 15.00 – 18.00.
Consciousness Healing Centre, Stroud
on 10th October workshop, along with John Wetherell, for Camden MIND 2016

Title: MYSTICISM and MADNESS. Exploring the Threshold.

An evening talk for Brighton Soteria:

Soteria in the Pub: Spiritual Crisis – a fresh perspective on unusual states of mind, with Isabel Clarke
January 28th 2016 

Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 2015
The Psychology of Spirituality ,  Isabel Clarke
DATE: Apr 15th, 19:30
At 7.30pm, Chandlers Ford Methodist Centre SO53 2GJ Free to members, L5 to non members.

Psychosis and Trauma: A one day conference
Friday 6th March 2015   9.30am -3.30pm
Friends Meeting House, Friargate, York, YO1 9RL
The conference is aimed at people who are experiencing mental health problems, their families and professionals. The day will focus on exploring psychosis as an understandable response to difficult and traumatic experiences.
Speakers: Bob Johnson    Peter Bullimore       Angela Kennedy    Isabel Clarke

CHCC Mental Health Chaplains’ Annual Study Conference 2014
Journeying Outside the Walls

What lies beyond a traditional understanding of Spiritual Care?
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
Tuesday 2nd – Thursday 4th September 2014

  Wessex Psychotherapy Society on Wednesday 17th September 2014
Mindfulness and the balancing act of being human.
The need to create reflective space to consider the unhelpful patterns of relating and doing that cause distress and dysfunction,  is common to most therapeutic approaches.
As a psychologist, I am interested in what is going on here. Why do we so easily get tied up in these tangles? Why is being human so difficult?
As a therapist  working in severe mental health settings, and therefore with teams, I am interested to demystify therapy and spread psychological understanding of mental distress throughout the staff group – with the idea that all will feel confident to support the service user with psychological understandings  and coping skills.
 Mindfulness  is at the heart of all of these concerns.
 Islam and Emotional Well-being workshop

Solent MIND and Southampton University
14th March 2014
Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Coping with Unusual Experiences

Royal College of Psychiatrists' Special Interest Group in Spirituality Conference 14th April 2014.
Speaking on:
"Transcendence and the transliminal"                      
The human faculty to step beyond the boundedness of the individual self into a place of connection has long been recognized by religious traditions and spiritual practitioners. The concept of the ‘transliminal’ (Thalbourne) has been introduced into the discourse by Claridge in research into schizotypy – or openness to unusual experiencing. This talk will attempt to bridge the psychological/scientific and spiritual divide by combining the evidence of experience with a theory of cognitive architecture, in order to unpack the way in which the person operates both as a discrete individual and embedded in relationship, including relationship with the ultimate: that which is beyond human knowing. Thus, with respect for both science and mystery, the aim is to reach a richer understanding of a crucial but elusive aspect of human experiencing.

Tuesday 16 July 2013
Trauma and Psychosis: Reflections on the Latest Developments
Division of Clinical Psychology — Psychosis & Complex Mental Health Faculty Early Intervention Network
The Bentley Hotel, Newark Road, South Hykeham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 9NH

The correlation between childhood trauma and increased risk of psychosis in adult life has been well documented (e.g. Read et al, 2005; Varese et al, 2012).
We aim to reflect on recovery-oriented practice in supporting service users who have experienced these adverse events, through a combination of a keynote address by Professor John Read and experiential workshops led by Isabel Clarke, Peter Bullimore and Angela Kennedy.


On Monday, 2 April 2012, a day Workshop on:

Unlocking the Potential of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
A DBT Informed approach for use across clinical presentations and settings

organised by the BABCP DBT Secial Interest Group.
Venue: British Psychological Society, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE. Flyer, more details.

Title: Spirituality & Psychotherapy: Across the Threshold: taking experience seriously

On Monday 5th March 2012 I contributed to the above one day workshop organised by Department of Spiritual and Pastoral Care, Springfield University Hospital.

National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum meeting in London

23rd February 2012. 14.00 – 16.00, Essex Unitarian Church, Kensington, London, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8 4RT.
Jim Taylor, Isabel Clarke, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Mary-Ellen Coyte led a session on Spiritual Crisis.
Flyer with information.

Symposia convened at the Division of Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society Conference, Birmingham, 1st and 2nd December 2011.

Title: Pushing the boundaries. Innovative directions in Psychosis and Complex Mental Health.

Full abstracts

Cognitive therapy for people with a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis not taking antipsychotic medication: Results from an open trial

Thomas Christodoulides. Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust.
Presentation (powerpoint)

A novel CBT informed intervention for social anxiety in people recovering from psychosis.

Ruth Turner, Richard White, Rebecca Lower, Lina Gega, David Fowler.
Presented by Ruth Turner, Central Norfolk Early Intervention Team, Norfolk and Norwich Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.
Presentation (powerpoint)

A Psychological Approach for Acute Care

Donna Rutherford. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Title: Spirituality and Mental Health

Spirituality and Psychosis: Issues for Clinical Psychologists

Dr Caroline Brett, Sussex partnership NHS Trust.

A cognitive science based understanding of spirituality offering a less stigmatizing clinical approach to psychosis.

Isabel Clarke. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.


‘From psychological therapies to Trust Spirituality Strategy-an example of an innovative approach to the practical/clinical application of psychological knowledge.

Sarajane Aris and Helen Philpott, Derbyshire Healthcare FT.


Trauma Symposium

Stroud, 18th and 19th November, 2011. An event organised by Process Work Stroud and supported by Gloucestershire Network for Psychotherapists & Counsellors.
I presented on Trauma and the Elusive Self Other presenters and facilitators included Dr Judith Anderson, Arlene Audergon, James Barrett, Pat Black, Mark Brayne, Isabel Clarke, Morit Heitzler, Rissa Mohabir, Heather Redington, Cate Reidy, Dr Natalie Tobert, Nick Totton and Helen Wells.
See my presentation.
For full list and biographies see website
More details are on linked flier.

Psychosis and Spirituality: Inner Journeys in a time of Transition

10th November, 2011. A conference around “Psychosis and Spirituality: consolidating the new paradigm” jointly presented by Spiritual Crisis Network and ISPS (International Society for Psychotherapy for the Schizophrenias and other Psychoses) and Liverpool John Moores University, featuring myself, Les Lancaster and Janice Hartley. — at Liverpool John Moores University
See my presentation as online Flash presentation with audio or MS Powerpoint.