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The core idea that we are only partially individual, but importantly also embedded in a web of relationship provides a way into understanding both the ecological challenge of our age and offering direction towards solution. These ideas are explored in detail in Chapter 11 of "Madness, Mystery and the Survival of God", and in my presentation given at the following conference – where I was also involved in the inception and organisation, and the publication that came out of it.

Confer: Landscapes of the Mind Conference

25th–27th September at the Eden Project, Cornwall
I gave the following talk:

What we do to the Earth, we do to Ourselves

The ecological crisis is a crisis of relationship. Our abusive relationship with the earth, threatening the future of our species, also distorts us, causing pain, which we dull by addictions that fuel reckless consumption. Accepting and understanding that we are caught between self consciousness and embededness in relationship opens our capacity to expand in love not cut off in addiction.

See: Powerpoint presentation
Text (Word document) Journal of Holistic Healthcare, 6 19-22, (2009)

The New Human Story
This is an article first published in Greenspirit magazine and later, in this, slightly modified version, in Network, the Scientific and Medical Network journal in 2005.

Four Ways to Meet the Ecological Challenge (after Matthew Fox): a psychologist's perspective.                                       
Another article published in Greenspirit Journal in 2008