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Though research data on parapsychology can be ambiguous, taking together a number of similar phenoma there does seem to be evidence of the interchangeability of psychic contents under certain conditions. I suggest that this would provide the most parsimonious explanation for a variety of phenomena such as past telepathy, life regression and reincarnation memories, possession experiences etc. Parapsychology research demonstrates that these experiences are most repeatable in states of mind where the transliminal is most accessible, and so the implicational and propositional are in desynchrony in ICS terms. This provides a psychological explanation for such phenomena. I have written and given talks on this subject, listed below.

Health, Mental Health and Exceptional Human Experiences

First Conference on Health, Mental Health and Exceptional Human Experiences, Monday 7th September, 2009

At this conference, hosted by Liverpool Hope University I gave a talk, title: Transformative and/or destructive: Exceptional experiences from the clinical perspective.

See: Powerpoint,

Psychic Phenomena and the Relational Mind

Presentation given at BPS Transpersonal Conference, September 2005

See: Powerpoint presentation